Athena 80W BrandChip

Athena 80W BrandChip

  • Model NO.: Athena 80W Brand Chip
  • Accept Min order:No

Characteristic advantages


1. Lightweight aluminum body

2. Easy to assemble

3. 277V available

4. Distance adjustable

5. Protection system built in

6. UL approval material.


1. Higher thermal conductivity & whole body as heatsink

2. excellent for heat management

3. Higher light intensity

4. Higher luminous efficiency

5. Target to the point area

6. higher usage of light.

Main Parameter

NameAthena 80W BrandChipLaunched Time2019
Efficacy2.16μmol/J(*)Typical Photon Flux179.08μmol/s

Quality Certification

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280 ~ 315nm The shape and the physiological processes of little effect.

315 ~ 400nnm Chlorophyll absorbs less, influence light cycle effect, prevent stem elongation.

400 ~ 520nm(Blue) Chlorophyll and carotenoids absorb the largest percentage, the biggest influence on photosynthesis.

520 ~ 610nm  Pigment absorption rate is not high.

610 ~ 720nm(Red) Chlorophyll absorption rate is low, for photosynthesis and light cycle effect have notable effect.

720 ~ 1000nm Absorption rate is low, stimulate cell extended, influencing flowering and seed germination In a word, the red,blue,orange is main wavelength/color energy for plants' photosynthesis.


Height 30cm--12"

Height 60cm--24"

Height 90cm--36"

Parameter Specification

NameAthena 80W BrandChipLaunched Time2019
Efficacy2.16μmol/J(*)Typical Photon Flux179.08μmol/s
Emitting ColorBroad spectrum or customLED Amount308
Operating Frequency50.01HZPower Factor0.9933
Input Current0.31-0.84AInput Voltage100-277Vac
Life Span50000HG.W5.36kg
Operating manualx1Power Cordoptional(AmericanEuropean...)